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FREE annual dues are $20.00 payable upon notification.   Dues are used for web site and other administrative expenses, memorials for deceased members, donations to select organizations, and subsidies for certain events. Members...

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FREE Web Site

The web site for the Ford Retired Engineering Executives (FREE) organization,, is intended to keep members up-to-date with planned FREE events, such as, lunches, speakers, car shows, and tours. ...

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Origin of the Ford Retired Engineering E…

Origin of the Ford Retired Engineering Executives (FREE)*:  Shortly after retirement, on November 16, 1966, three former Ford Executives met for lunch at the Oakland Hills Country Club.  Jack Faulkner...

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Officers & Membership Committee   Chairman, Gene Nelson Secretary, Ed Moylan Treasurer, Ed Breyer Board Members Andy Acho Larry DiAngelis Pete Dowding Jeff DuComb Donna Inch Al Kammerer Vaughn Koshkarian Lee Miskowski Mike Thomas   Howard Freers, Chair Emeritus

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Ford Retired Engineering Executives

FREE is relatively loose knit and gets together monthly to enjoy each others' company and have lunch.  Although referred to as FREE, lunch is not free!Most months an activity such...

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