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Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, All-Electric F-150 Lightning
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FREE Luncheon: Wednesday, 9 November 2022

10:30 AM: Begin registration at Dearborn Country Club.

11:30 AM: Lunch – $30, Pot Roast or Whitefish (All major credit cards accepted)

12:15 PM: Begin meeting (Zoom session will start earlier and will go live at 12:15)

12:30 PM: Speaker – Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, All Electric F-150 Lightning

Introductory remarks will be followed by a question & answer discussion. Only in-person members will participate in the interactive Q & A. Zoom participants must submit questions in advance by email to They will be consolidated and integrated into the Q & A by the moderator. The deadline for questions is 5 November.

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Linda Zhang

Chief Engineer, All Electric F-150 Lightning

Linda Zhang is responsible for leading the team delivering Ford’s first ever all-electric F-150 pickup. Zhang assumed this role in September 2018 when development began.

Zhang, who has been with Ford for nearly 25 years, joined the company after graduating with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and moving into the Ford College Graduate program. From there, she worked in manufacturing, product development, finance and corporate strategy, gathering business fundamentals that would serve her well as she worked on programs like Ford Explorer, Escape, Kuga and F-150. The F-150 Lightning program, she said, has been particularly fulfilling – because of her background in electrification and the truck’s prominent position in the Ford portfolio.

Linda Zhang was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine representing the team electrifying the world’s most popular truck in November 2021.

Zhang also has an MBA from the University of Michigan. When she’s not working, she enjoys sports, travel, and spending time with her family.  

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