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Zoom Practice Session
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FREE Virtual Meeting, June 10, 2020

11:30 AM - Join Zoom Meeting

11:50 AM - Open Discussion

01:00 PM - Adjourn

This will be a practice zoom session for FREE members who would like to learn more about navigating a zoom meeting.  There will be no agenda but there will be some opening discussion and guidelines about how the meeting will be conducted.

The rest of the meeting will be casual but controlled and explore the various features of zoom.  The reason is that future FREE meetings will be conducted using zoom until it is safe for us to meet and have lunch in person again.

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The meeting location is the virtual cloud, no physical or geographical location.

Registered Users:

  • Ed Breyer
  • Allen Patrick
  • Euge Greenstein
  • Ken Crosby
  • Andy Acho
  • Dave Boerger
  • Jack Burns
  • Dave Thomas
  • Larry Petersen
  • Frank Mei
  • Ed Moylan
  • Chuck White
  • Max Kapadia
  • Lee (LeRoy) Hollmann
  • Gerry Conover
  • Fred Simon
  • John Steele
  • Gene Dickirson
  • Suresh Mangrulkar
  • Lee Miskowski
  • John Saieg
  • Henry Zanardelli
  • Joel Perkins
  • Bruce Lamm
  • dduncan Duncan
  • John King
  • Gene Nelson
  • John Logan
  • Dick Kowalske
  • Dick Peters
  • Kathryn Galietti
  • Gerry Auth
  • Bruce Jones
  • pangelini
  • Al Kammerer
  • Thomas (Tom) Miree
  • Wally Wade
  • Andy Benedict
  • Hans Kuschnerus
  • Larry Millen
  • Larry Beaupre
  • Paul Shank
  • Donna Inch
  • Bruce Pierce
  • Mark Edwards
  • John Flintosh
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