Henry Ford and His Links to Ballinascarthy, West Cork, Ireland

Ford retiree Len DeMoss is doing a bike tour of Ireland   
and here's what he ran across:
Today, on my bike tour of Ireland, I rode into the small village of Ballinascarthy. Very small village (don't blink kind). As I approached the top of a climb into the village, off to my left I saw this all shiny silver Model T Ford sitting on a concrete pedestal. I thought WTF is this?? I parked the bike against a rock wall and immediately saw these plaques inset into the rock wall behind the Model T. It was the names of Ford family (including Henry I and II)  who had visited the village as William Ford, father of Henry Ford I, was born in Ballinascarthy and emigrated to the US when he was 21 years old It was incredible!
When I got to my hotel, I found this article in the Irish Examiner:
Neat story!  I found it rather hilarious, that right across the road where this plaza was located, that there is a tavern called the Henry Ford Tavern ... and the old man didn't even drink!!!
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